22 March 2017



  1. The A.G.M. of the Mid Donegal League took place last night, 1st Sept. in the Cathedral Hall, Raphoe. There was a very good attendance by League teams. The outgoing Chairman, Patsy Toland, opened the meeting & a minutes silence was observed for all deceased relatives & friends of all bowling members during the past year. The election of Officers then took place & the New Committee are as follows;-
    Chairman – Patsy Toland. Proposed by Ian Tinney. Seconded by Jean Buchanan
    Vice Chair – Raymond Orr. Proposed by Marie Witherow. Seconded by Ian Tinney
    Secretary – Cecil Jacob. Proposed by Ian Tinney. Seconded by Patsy Toland
    Ass Secretary – Doris Magee. Proposed by Andy Hunter. Seconded by Ian Tinney
    Treasurer – Sydney Witherow. Proposed by Patsy Toland. Seconded by Cecil Jacob
    Ass Treasurer – Marie Witherow. Proposed by Eamonn Doherty. Seconded by David Crawford
    Fixture Secretary – Andrew Buchanan. Proposed by Ian Tinney. Seconded by Ken Griffith
    P.R.O – Eamonn Doherty. Proposed by Andy Hunter. Seconded by Ian Montgomery
    Additional Committee – Isobel Duncan, Ken Griffith, Marcus McClintock & David Crawford. Proposed by Marie Witherow. Seconded by Patsy Toland
    All the outgoing committee congratulated the League Winners in both sections, Cup Winners & thanked all Clubs for their continued support & efficiency in returning match results etc.
    I would like to wish all the other League Committee members & Clubs the best of luck in the forthcoming season. I wish our new Convenor, Denis Doherty, all the very best too.
    Eamonn Doherty, PRO

  2. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)15 September, 2016 23:40

    It is with great sadness that the League Chairman Patsy Toland announced tonight that "Glenmore" have pulled out of the Mid Donegal League & Cups this year due to circumstances beyond their control.
    The proposal made by Peter Curran, Milford @ the A.G.M. regarding the scoring system in the League was debated. The proposal was that the scoring should be one point for a win & a half point for a draw in a game & 3 points for the overall score with a total of 9 points to be played for instead of the present system of 2 pts for a win & 1 pt for a draw with a total of 12 pts per match.
    Where a team plays with 7 players they lose quarter of the rink score in that game & the pair that is un-played they forfeit 9 shots.
    The blank card is played in the last 2 pairs of the night.
    It was voted on and carried 10 - 8 to introduce the new scoring system on a trial basis for this year & to be reviewed at the next A.G.M.

    The Cup Draws are as follows:-
    KNOCKOUT CUP:- (1st 4 drawn are Preliminaries)
    St Pat's Clonleigh Vs Resource Centre.
    Milford Academy Vs Newtown Pres.
    1st Rd Proper:-
    St Eunan's "B" Vs Ramelton.
    St Johnston BC Vs Masonic.
    St Eunan's "A" Vs Ballylennon.
    Carnone Vs St Pat's Killea.
    Cathedral Vs Manor.
    Milford Vs Ramelton Pres.
    Donoughmore Vs St Johnston Pres.

    Harte/Patton Cup:- (1st 4 are Preliminaries)
    Masonic Vs Donoughmore.
    St Johnston BC Vs Cathedral.
    1st Rd Proper.
    Milford Vs St Eunan's "A".
    Ballylennon Vs St Johnston Pres.
    Ramelton Vs Manor.

    Witherow Cup:-
    1st Rd:-
    Resource Vs Newtown Pres.
    Ramelton Pres Vs St Pat's Killea.
    Carnone Vs Milford Academy.
    St Pat's Clonleigh Vs St Eunan's "B".

    The Annual Dinner Dance will be on Friday the 5th May 2017 in Kee's Hotel Stranorlar. Music to be confirmed at later date.

  3. Does it not state in league rules that players must reside no more than 10 miles away
    Why isn't this rule adhered to?
    Maybe our new zone convenor could enforce this rule as the last didn't
    Maybe then the league would be fair

    1. 10 miles or not, Ballylennon would still clean up. (By the way. It is not a rule)


    2. I would advise “Anonymous” that Leagues are licenced by the Association and are only answerable to that body. The Zone Convener has no responsibility in the matter. If, however, you feel that the League has not adhered to League rules, you should write to the League Secretary, outlining your concerns. If, in your opinion, the response is unsatisfactory, you could then write to the Hon Secretary of the Association.
      Unfortunately, in all cases, you cannot sign your letters “Anonymous” as neither body will know who to respond to.

    3. It was a rule a few years back,don't know if it was changed.But I think a other team would have a bigger issue with this rule. Not Ballylennon

  4. Does the leagues reputation no harm to have top bowlers from all clubs taking part.

  5. play the game people to much emphasis on one team the league needs all teams or they would not be a league to play for. On a different note there is teams trying every year to get players from afar to play this will destroy one of the best leagues in Ireland if it is ever interodused all you have to do is look at the Inishowen league to see how bringing in players from other leagues will do to a club .Chasing a league title is all well and good but at what cost to the club when your own team players dont get playing the victory would be very hollow when your original team mates have to go to another league or team to get a game. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

  6. St eunans a 5. Cathedral 4.

  7. Any more results?

  8. PRO cant put them up if the team captains dont advise

  9. Section One Results:-
    Ramelton 8 Masonic 1.
    St Eunan's "A" 5 Cathedral 4.
    Milford 6 Manor 3.
    St Johnston BC V St Johnston Pres postponed due to Bereavement.

    Section Two:-
    Carnone 6 Killea 3.
    Milford Academy 8.5 Resource 0.5.

  10. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)30 September, 2016 09:58

    Section One Result:-
    Donoughmore 1 Ballylennon 8.

  11. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)30 September, 2016 12:53

    Anonymous 28th September 2016 17:54. Can I clarify something for you. I as PRO have tried to forward the results in BLOCK to the Administrator of this site thus saving time & numerous entries being made. If Clubs want to forward results themselves so be it. Let me know that you are dissatisfied with my work and I will gladly hand over the reigns to your good self. Unfortunately the result from last nights match was only received at 09:52 this morning which I must add was well within the time frame and deadline for results to be with me. Shortly after 10am I emailed the following recipients:- Donegal Sports Hub, Strabane Cronicle, Donegal News, Finn Valley Voice & Highland Radio& Tir Conaill Tribune. The papers have a deadline for the receiving of date for printing in their papers. I have no doubt that Highland will have the results on tomorrow Saturday around 3pm on the Sports Programme. Hopefully this is to your satisfaction.

    1. you are doing a great job Eamonn forget about the complainers that is all they ever do but never take the job because they would have no one to complain to.

  12. You are doing a great job, big man.

  13. Your doing a great job, keep up the good work.

  14. St Johnston BC 1.5 st eunans a 7.5

  15. Ballylennon 7-2 Manor

  16. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)05 October, 2016 11:08

    Section Two Results:-
    KIllea 6 Resource 3.
    Milford Academy 1 Newtown Pres.8.
    St Eunan's "B" 7.5 Clonleigh 1.5.

  17. Ballylennon 7 manor 2.

  18. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)06 October, 2016 10:43

    Section One Results:-
    Ballylennon 7 Manor 2.
    St Johnston BC 1.5 St Eunan's "A" 7.5.
    St Johnston Pres 7 Donoughmore 2.

  19. Anyone know who qualified in the National rinks last night in Dunfanaghy ?

  20. The Donegal Section of the National Rinks was held in the Ozanam Centre, Dunfanaghy on Thursday night. The Section was played down to the semi-final stage and still in the hunt for a place in Finals in March are David Crawford, Nixon Alexander, Eddie Curran and John Quinn, Ballylennon, Manus Ferry, Neil Ferry, Owen Gallagher and Michael Gallagher, Gortahork, Ian Tinney, Martina Brogan, Richard Kilpatrick and David Bonner, St Johnston Pres and Mickie McDermott, Ciaran Green, Danny McLaughlin and Andrew Steele, Greenbank. The Zone Convenor is appreciative of the support of Dunfanaghy and Gortahork in hosting this event.

  21. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)11 October, 2016 19:39

    Section Two Result from last week omitted in error by the PRO, Sorry for inconvenience caused ie. Ramelton Pres 6.5 Vs Carnone 2.5.

  22. St eunans a 2 st Johnston press. 7.

  23. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)12 October, 2016 14:02

    Section One Results Week 3:-
    Manor 8 Masonic 1.
    Ramelton 3 Ballylennon 6.
    St Eunan's "A" 2 St Johnston Pres. 7.

    Section Two:-
    Resource 7 Carnone 2.
    Milford Academy 2 St Eunan's "B" 7.
    Newtown Pres 1.5 Ramelton Pres 7.5.

  24. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)13 October, 2016 12:01

    Section One Result Week 3:-
    Milford 6 St Johnston BC 3.

    Section Two:-
    Clonleigh 1 Killea 8.

  25. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)13 October, 2016 23:16

    Section One Result:-
    Donoughmore 8 Cathedral 1.

  26. What does the league tables look like?

  27. So whats everybody's opinion on the new scoring system ??

  28. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)14 October, 2016 18:08

    Tables after Week 3:-
    Section One:- (3 games played except where otherwise stated)
    Ballylennon 21pts.
    St Eunan's "A" 14.5.
    St Johnston Pres. 14.(2 games played).
    Manor 13.
    Milford 12.(2 games played).
    Donoughmore 11.
    Ramelton 11.(2 Games played).
    Cathedral 5. (2 Games Played)
    St Johnston BC 4.5 (2 Games played).
    Masonic 2 (2 Games played).

    Section Two:- (3 Games played except where otherwise stated).
    Killes 17 pts.
    St Eunan's "B" 14.5 (2 games played).
    Ramelton Pres. 14 (2 Games played).
    Milford Academy 11.5.
    Carnone 10.5.
    Resource Centre 10.5.
    Newtown Pres. 9.5.(2 Games Played).
    Clonleigh 2.5 (2 Games played).

  29. What about this ridiculous ban that Ballylennon have been hit by.
    This league is a joke.

    John Quinn

  30. Whats the ban for or what happened??

  31. Another example of the league taking every opportunity to take a swipe at Ballylennon, don't understand how anyone can be punished for breaking a rule that doesn't exist!

  32. Usual anti Ballylennon disease, could any other club be punished for breaking a rule that doesn't exist.

  33. As "anon" queried 15.10. What happened and what was the ban for. Absolutely no point in ranting and raving. Explain the circumstances. What rule does not exist. Then we can judge.

    1. A ballylennon player was given a 2 match ban for messaging a player from another team on social media regarding an incident that occurred during the game the night before. Said player only gave his opinion on the incident and was hit with a ban. Nowhere in the rules is there anything regarding social media and incidents like this would have been over looked if it had been any other club but since its ballylennon it turned into a witch hunt.

  34. Ballylennon 8.5 - 0.5 St. Johnston BC

  35. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)19 October, 2016 01:01

    Section Two Results Week 4:-
    Resource 6 Clonleigh 3.
    Milford Academy 4 Killea 5.
    Newtown Pres. 2.5 Carnone 6.5.
    St Eunan's "B" 2.5 Ramelton Pres 6.5.

  36. Cathedral 1 8 St Johnston pres

  37. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)19 October, 2016 23:26

    Section One Results (Week 4):-
    Cathedral 1 St Johnston Pres 8.
    Ballylennon 8.5 St Johnston BC 0.5.
    Ramelton 7 Milford 2.
    Masonic 8.5 St Eunan's "A" 0.5.

  38. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)01 November, 2016 11:05

    Knock-Out Cup Fixtures -- Results.
    Cathedral 58 Manor 33.
    St Eunan's "B" 45 Ramelton 57. (played 24/10)

  39. St eunans a 47 ballylennon 51

  40. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)02 November, 2016 16:04

    Knock-Out Cup Results:-
    Carnone 45 Killea 52.
    Clonleigh 43 Resource 60.
    Milford Academy 55 Newtown Pres. 33.
    St Johnston BC 54 Masonic 49.

  41. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)02 November, 2016 16:14

    The 1st Round proper of the Knock-Out Cup for Milford Academy is AWAY to the Resource Centre on Monday the 12th December.
    Good Luck to all involved.

  42. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)04 November, 2016 12:26

    Knock-Out Cup Results:-
    Milford 60 Ramelton Pres. 40.
    Donoughmore 37 St Johnston Pres. 49

  43. St eunans a 2'5 manor 6'5

  44. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)09 November, 2016 10:57

    League Results:- (Week 7)
    Section One:-
    Ramelton 7 Donoughmore 2.
    St Johnston BC 7 Masonic 2.

    Section Two:-
    Killea 3 Ramelton Pres 6.
    Carnone 7 St Eunan's "B" 2.
    Newtown 7 Resource 2.
    Clonleigh 6 Milford Academy 3.

  45. Could you put up tables please,

  46. See

  47. See

  48. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)09 November, 2016 23:33

    Section One:--Tables after 4 Matches Played:-
    Ballylennon 29.5.
    Cathedral 6
    Donoughmore 11
    Manor 13
    Masonic 10.5
    Milford 14
    Ramelton 18
    St Eunan's "A" 15
    St Johnston BC 5 (only 3 played)
    St Johnston Pres 22 ( Do)

    Section Two:- After 4 & 5 Matches played:- (Up-to Date)
    Carnone 24
    Clonleigh 11.5
    Killea 25
    Milford Ac. 18.5
    Newtown Pres 19
    Resource 18.5
    Ramelton Pres 26.5
    St Eunan's "B" 19

    Hope this is to the satisfaction of Anonymous 09 November,2016 18.11

  49. St Johnston Pres 7-2 Ballylennon

  50. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)10 November, 2016 13:02

    Milford Vs Cathedral match was due to be played tonight 10th November is cancelled due to Bereavement in Cathedral Club.

  51. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)12 November, 2016 21:44

    The sudden death has taken place earlier today of our good friend and bowling colleague Ollie Connolly, Ramelton Bowling Club. We extend our sincere sympathy to Conor, Stephen & Kara their families and extended families. Funeral arrangements later.
    Ar dheis dé go raibh a anam dílis.

  52. On behalf on st eunans a bowling club,
    We would like to extend our sincere sympathy to conor and his family,
    Ollie was a great guy, and a true gentleman,
    Rip Ollie,

  53. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)14 November, 2016 11:57

    Due to the sudden death of Ollie Connolly, Milford Bowling Club's match with Ballylennon tomorrow night is hereby cancelled.

  54. Yet again the league rules abused again for players to compete in tournament finals, total disgrace and disregard for other teams

    1. What are you on about? Bit of respect please.

  55. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)17 November, 2016 13:22

    Section Two Results:-
    Killea 1 St Eunan's "B" 8.
    Clonleigh 7 Newtown 2.

  56. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)20 November, 2016 13:59

    Section One Results:-
    St Johnston Pres 2 Manor 7.
    Donoughmore 7 St Eunan's "A" 2.

    All other fixtures PP due to Bereavements.

  57. Does anyone know where you can get information on upcoming tournaments in Tyrone and Derry ?

    1. www.donegalbowls.com There are links to the Facebook pages of Western Zone, Mid Tyrone Zone Foyle Zone and North West Zone. Tournaments advised there

  58. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)23 November, 2016 00:15

    Section One Results:-
    Cathedral 1 Ballylennon 8.
    St Johnston BC 9 Manor 0.

    Section Two Results:-
    Milford Academy 4 Ramelton Pres. 5.
    Clonleigh 2.5 Carnone 6.5

  59. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)23 November, 2016 11:54

    Section One Results:-
    St Eunan's "A" 1 Ramelton 8.

    Section Two result:-
    Newtown 3 KIllea 6.

  60. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)25 November, 2016 12:04

    Section One Results:-
    St Johnston Pres 7 Masonic 2.
    Milford 5.5 Donoughmore 3.5.

    Section Two Result:-
    St Eunan's "B" 6.5 Resource 2.5.

  61. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)30 November, 2016 11:17

    Resulte from Section One Week 10:-
    Cathedral 5 St Johnston BC 4.
    Manor 3 Ramelton 6.
    Re- Arranged game from Week 8 Ballylennon 7 Milford 2.
    Re- Arranged game from Week 8 Masonic 3 Cathedral 6.

    Section Two Results Week 10:-
    Carnone 8 Milford Academy 1.
    Newtown Pres. 1.5 St Eunan's "B" 7.5.

  62. Would ot be possible to have a "results only" section on the blog ? Maybe its just me but I find it quite annoying having to scroll down through so many comments (most of which are not results) to get the latest results

  63. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)01 December, 2016 19:12

    RE-Arranged game from Week 8 Section One:-
    Ramelton 6.5 St Johnston BC 2.5.

    Section One Results Week 10:-
    Milford 3 St Johnston Pres 6.
    Masonic 3.5 Donoughmore 5.5.

    Section Two Results Week 10:-
    Ramelton Pres. 9 Clonleigh 0.

  64. St eunans a, 7. Milford 2

  65. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)07 December, 2016 22:52

    Section One results for Week 11:-
    Ballylennon 9 Masonic 0.
    Manor 3 Cathedral 6.

    Witherow Cup Results:-
    Carnone 53 Milford Academy 18.
    Clonleigh 54 St Eunan's "B" 50.
    Ramelton Pres. 60 Killea 45.

    In the bottom half of the Draw in the Witherow Cup Carnone are at home to Clonleigh. Ramelton Pres are away to the winners of Resource Vs Newtown Pres. in the top half.

  66. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)08 December, 2016 11:08

    Section One Results Week 11:-
    St Johnston BC 6 Donoughmore 3.
    St Johnston Pres. 6.5 Ramelton 2.5.

  67. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)09 December, 2016 11:02

    Witherow Cup Result:-
    Resource 45 Newtown Pres 54.
    This Cup is down to Semi-Final stage with Ramelton Pres away to Newtown Pres. & Carnone are at home to Clonleigh.

  68. Could you please put up league tables,

  69. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)10 December, 2016 11:48

    Section One Tables after Week 11:-
    Ballylennon 55.5
    St Johnston Pres. 50.
    Ramelton 48.
    St Johnston Bc 33.5
    Manor 32.5
    Cathedral 32.
    Donoughmore 32.
    Milford 27.5
    Masonic 21.
    St Eunan's "A" 19.5

    St Johnston BC Vs St Johnston Pres PP due to Bereavement on week One. I have no result or details if played or not.

    Section Two after Week 10:-
    St Eunan's "B" 41.
    Ramelton Pres. 40.5
    Carnone 38.5
    Killea 32.
    Newtown Pres. 25.5
    Milford Academy 23.5
    Clonleigh 21.
    Resource 21.
    Resource Vs Ramelton Pres PP due to Bereavement from Week 8... I have no result or details if played or not.

  70. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)13 December, 2016 23:36

    Section One Results:-
    Re-scheduled match St Johnston BC Vs St Johnston Pres from week 1. Result St Johnston BC 7 St Johnston Pres 2.
    Re- scheduled match Milford Vs Cathedral from week 7.
    Result Milford 1 Cathedral 8. (played 8th Dec).
    Ballylennon 9 St Eunan's "A" 0.
    Manor 2 Donoughmore 7.

  71. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)15 December, 2016 00:11

    Result from Section One:-
    Masonic 2.5 Milford 6.5

  72. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)20 December, 2016 23:07

    Have a very Happy,Peaceful & Safe Christmas & New Year.
    From the Committee of the Mid Donegal Indoor Bowling League.

  73. Could you start put up league tables,
    No one knows we're they stand.
    When d o Kane did it he even put it in the paper,

    1. Eamonn does a fine job and I notice that the league tables are up on Zone Website, usually on a weekly basis, when all results are in. Eamonn is an amenable big man and I'm sure that, if you contact him, he will make a special arrangement to contact you directly each week.

  74. League Tables are on Website donegalbowls.com

  75. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)21 December, 2016 12:44

    Section One Results after Week 12 @ Christmas Break:-
    Ballylennon 64.5.
    Ramelton 54.
    St Johnston Pres. 52.5.
    St Johnston BC 40.5.
    Donoughmore 39.
    Cathedral 35.
    Manor 34.5
    MILFORD 34.
    Masonic 23.5
    St Eunan's "A" 19.5.

    1. St eunans a is 27.5
      That's our score,

  76. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)21 December, 2016 12:48

    Section Two after 10 Weeks:-
    St Eunan's "B" 41.
    Ramelton Pres 40.5
    Carnone 38.5
    Killea 32
    Newtown Pres 25.5
    Milford 23.5
    Clonleigh 21
    Resource 21.
    Resource Vs Ramelton Pres. have a game in hand
    (PP game from Week 8).

  77. Scores wrong, St.Eunan's A has 27.5 points

  78. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)21 December, 2016 20:41

    My apologies to St Eunan's "A" for entering an incorrect score as 19.5 and rightly corrected by your good self Steven which should have read 27.5.

  79. No problem eamonn
    Like to take this opportunity to wish all bowl teams and member s in the committee a happy Christmas and peaceful new year,
    Especially my zone skip nixen Alexander.
    Ho ho ho.
    Oh and my own team st eunans a band b.
    Chin up roll on second half to we move out of bottom half.

  80. Any word on fixtures for the 2nd half of the season or any idea when it starts again ?

  81. Fixtures for 2nd half are now completed and will be with captains before end of the week.

    Week 1 Fixtures are as follows
    Section 1
    Tues 10th Jan
    Ballylennon V Cathedral
    St Eunans A V Ramelton
    Wed 11th Jan
    Masonic V St Johnston Pres
    Thurs 12th Jan
    Donoughmore V Milford

    Manor V St Johnston BC No Fixture due to tournament

    Section 2
    Mon 9th Jan
    Resource V Ramelton Pres (First half Fixture)
    Killea V Milford Academy
    Tues 10th Jan
    Clonleigh V Resource
    Carnone V Newtown
    Ramelton Pres V St Eunans B

    Andrew Buchanan
    Fixtures Sec

  82. What is the Shield draw

  83. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)05 January, 2017 01:53

    Shield Cup:-
    Newtown Vs St Eunan's"B"(Pre Lim)
    Winners of above are at home to Donoughmore.
    Masonic Vs St Eunan's"A".
    Carnone Vs Manor.
    Clonleigh Vs Ramelton Pres.

    Witherow Cup:-
    Newtown Vs Ramelton Pres.
    Carnone Vs Clonleigh.

    Jimmy Harte/Patton Cup:-
    Preliminaries:- Winners of (Masonic Vs Donoughmore) will play winners of (St Johnston BC Vs Cathedral).

    Milford Vs St Eunan's "A".
    Ballylennon Vs St Johnston Pres.
    Ramelton Vs Manor.

    Knockout Cup:-
    Winners of (Resource Vs Milford Academy) will play Ramelton.
    St Johnston BC Vs Ballylennon.
    Killea Vs Cathedral.
    Milford Vs St Johnston Pres.

  84. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)11 January, 2017 11:21

    Section One Result (2nd Half of League):-
    Ballylennon 7 Cathedral 2.

    Section Two:-
    Killea 7 Milford Academy 2.
    Carnne 9 Newtown 0.

  85. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)11 January, 2017 13:53

    Section Two Results:-
    Clonleigh 2 Resource 7.
    Ramelton Pres 3 St Eunan's "B" 6.

  86. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)13 January, 2017 00:10

    Section One Results:-
    Masonic 3 St Johnston Pres 6.
    Donoughmore 2 Milford 7.

  87. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)13 January, 2017 21:06

    Section Two match (first Half Fixture):-
    Resource 2.5 Ramelton Pres 6.5.

  88. St eunans a 3 ramelton 6

  89. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)15 January, 2017 20:36

    Well done to P.J. Gallagher on becoming the Swedish Masters 2017 Champion from the Committee of the Mid Donegal Indoor Bowling League.

  90. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)18 January, 2017 00:50

    Section Two results:-
    St Eunan's "B" 7 Carnone 2.
    Milford Academy 3 Clonleigh 6.

  91. St Johnston press 2. St eunana a 7

  92. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)19 January, 2017 12:30

    Section One Results:-
    Ballylennon 7 Ramelton 2.
    St Johnston BC 2 Milford 7.
    Masonic 6 Manor 3.

    Section Two Result:-
    Ramelton Pres 6.5 Killea 2.5.

  93. Could you put up league tables weekly please.

  94. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)23 January, 2017 10:59

    Section One Result:-
    Cathedral 8 Donoughmore 1.

  95. St eunans a 7 _ st Johnston 2

  96. St eunans a 7_ st Johnston BC 2

  97. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)25 January, 2017 00:10

    Section One Result:-
    Manor 1 Ballylennon 8

    Section Two:-
    Newtown 2.5 Milford Academy 6.5
    Clonleigh 3 St Eunan's "B" 6.

  98. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)25 January, 2017 23:51

    Section One Results:-
    Ramelton 3 Cathedral 6.
    Milford 8 Masonic 1.

    Section Two Results:-
    Carnone 2 Ramelton Pres 7.

  99. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)26 January, 2017 23:40

    Section One Result:-
    Donoughmore 0 St Johnston Pres 9.

  100. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)27 January, 2017 11:15

    Section Two Results:-
    Resource 8 Newtown 1.
    Resource 8 Killea 1.

  101. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)31 January, 2017 13:11

    Section One result Week 4:-
    Cathedral 6 Manor 3.

  102. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)31 January, 2017 23:18

    Section One results week 4:-
    Manor 3 St Johnston BC 6.
    Milford 9 St Eunan's "A" 0.

  103. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)02 February, 2017 11:14

    Section One Results Week 4:-
    St Johnston Pres 6.5 St Johnston BC 2.5.
    Masonic 1 Ballylennon 8.

    Section Two Results:-
    St Eunan's "B" 8 Milford Academy 1.
    Ramelton Pres 9 Newtown 0.

  104. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)03 February, 2017 13:21

    Section One Result Wk4:-
    Donoughmore 7 Ramelton 2.

    Section Two:_
    Carnone 8 Resource 1.
    Ramelton Pres 9 Newtown 0.
    StEunan's"B" 8 Milford Academy 1.

    Clonleigh Vs Killea PP due to Bereavement.

  105. St eunans a 2 ballylennon 7

  106. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)08 February, 2017 21:08

    Knockout Cup:-
    Milford Academy conceded the match which leaves Resource Vs Rameton.

    Jimmy Harte Cup:-
    St Johnston BC 37 Cathedral 54.

    Shield Cup:-
    Newtown 50 St Eunan's "B" 61.

  107. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)09 February, 2017 10:52

    Harte Cup result:-
    Masonic 46 Donoughmore 50.

  108. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)15 February, 2017 00:37

    Knockout Cup Results:-
    Resource 46 Ramelton 46.5.
    St Johnston BC 42 Ballylennon 52.
    Killea 55 Cathedral 58.

    Shield Cup Results:-
    St Eunan's "B" 55 Donoughmore 28.
    Clonleigh 58 Ramelton Pres 50.

  109. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)16 February, 2017 00:01

    Knockout Cup Result:-
    Milford 54 St Johnston Pres 41.

    Shield Cup Results:-
    Masonic 52 St Eunan's "A" 55.
    Carnone 44 Manor 40.

    Semi-Finals of Knockout Cup:-
    Ramelton Vs Ballylennon.
    Cathedral Vs Milford.

    Semi-Finals of Shield Cup:-
    St Eunan's "B" Vs St Eunan's "A".
    Carnone Vs Clonleigh.

  110. St eunans b going down
    St eunans a sent them into lower division , now going to beat them in semi final of shield, Viva Lennon.

    1. well seeing as donoughmore beat st eunans A 7-2 in the league and yet their B team was able to hammer them in the cup it will be interesting to see the outcome

  111. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)23 February, 2017 12:10

    Section One Results:-
    St Eunan's "A" 2 Ballylennon 7 (Played 7th Feb. due to Ballylennon Charity Tournament this week)
    St Johnston BC 3 Cathedral 6.
    Ramelton 7 Manor 2.
    St Johnston Pres 2 MIlford 7.

    Section Two:-
    Newtown 8.5 Clonleigh 0.5
    Milford Academy 2 Carnone 7.

  112. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)26 February, 2017 01:28

    St Eunan's "B" Vs Killea being re-schedued due to Ballylennon Charity Tournament in Deele College this week.
    Ramelton Pres Vs Resource being played 28th March according to Ramelton Pres member.

  113. what excuse has ramelton and resource for not -playing match till 28 march???????

    1. Both Ramelton teams had home games on same week. So one had to be postponed

  114. Has anyone any details on the Convoy tournament ? Qualifying nights, contact number etc ?

    1. Qualifying; Monday, March 6th to Friday March 10th. Final; Monday, March 13th
      ​Entries to Roy Kennedy  0749101544  0860663191

  115. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)01 March, 2017 23:58

    Jimmy Harte/Patton Cup Qt-Finals Results:-
    Milford 45 St Eunan's "A" 46 after tied end play-off.
    Ballylennon 52 St Johnston Pres 32.
    Ramelton 51 Manor 21.

    Donoughmore/Cathedral Vs St Eunan's "A".
    Ballylennon Vs Ramelton.

    Witherow Cup Semi-Finals Results:-
    Newtown 42 Ramelton Pres 55.
    Carnone 47 Clonleigh 11.

    Final:- Date & Venue to be Announced.
    Ramelton Pres Vs Carnone.

  116. Jimmy heart cup
    Milford a 45. St eunans a 47

  117. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)03 March, 2017 10:50

    Jimmy Harte/Patton Cup Q-Final Result:-
    Donoughmore 41 Cathedral 51.

    Semi-Final Line up Completed:-
    Cathedral Vs St Eunan's "A".
    Ballylennon Vs Ramelton.

  118. Teams are not allowed to call off games because they have two players missing that why they have extra players registered. Its only for deaths and unavailability for the hall

  119. When the team has only eight players , and two are injured ,
    What do you expect, play with six, don't think so.

  120. Totally agree

  121. If the two captain s agree to reschedule match then it's grand.
    All teams are at it.
    So chill out.
    Or spill the beans who your on about . hideing behind anymous.

  122. What is the guiding line as regards death? Is it immediate family, extended family, or club member is there a time frame.? I know of a bowler who had a cousin dead in Dublin and the match a week later was cancelled!!

  123. 2captains agreed many years ago, 'postpone the match' 4 tournaments on that week. A date was set. The next week one of the captains was pulled over the coals for breaking the rules. You think that was OK?

  124. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)08 March, 2017 13:00

    Section One Results:- Week 9.
    Ballylennon 7 St Johnston Pres 2.
    Manor 2 Milford 7.

    Section Two Results:-
    Killea 3 Carnone 6.
    Resource 7 Milford Academy 2.
    Clonleigh 1 Ramelton Pres 8.
    St Eunan's "B" 8.5 Newtown 0.5.

  125. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)09 March, 2017 23:18

    Section One Result:- Wk 9.
    Masonic 1.5 Ramelton 7.5
    Donoughmore Vs St Johnston BC cancelled due to Bereavement.

  126. Here a good one
    Last night one captain rang the other captain to cancel match two hours before match play.
    Like what's going on.
    They had not got a strong team so decided to call it of.
    Load of bull.
    St eunans b
    Get it sorted, take points of them.
    Or they will be all at it.

  127. St eunans a 7 Masonic 2

  128. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)15 March, 2017 00:11

    Section One Results:- Week 10.
    Cathedral 7 St Eunan's "A" 2 (match rescheduled from last week & played Monday).
    St Eunan's "A" 7 Masonic 2.
    St Johnston BC 1 Ballylennon 8.

    Section Two:-
    Killea 2.5 Newtown 6.5.
    Ramelton Pres 8.5 Milford Academy 0.5.

  129. So what happening with st eunans b team are they getting away with canceling game two hours before match against us,
    They should be punished. Not fair on rest of teams
    It's getting out of hand.
    Other teams will do the same if nothing is done.

  130. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)16 March, 2017 00:11

    Section One Result: Wk 10.
    Milford 9 Ramelton 0.
    St Johnston Pres No Match this week due to Tournament.

  131. My friend, they are not 'la Lennon' THEY will get off scot free!!!

  132. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)17 March, 2017 11:08

    Section One Result Wk 10:-
    Donoughmore 6 Manor 3.

  133. can we have an up date with the tables its blank since 1st febuary???

  134. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)20 March, 2017 22:04

    Section Two result:- Wk 10
    Carnone 8 Clonleigh 1.

    Resource Vs St Eunan's not played.

  135. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)20 March, 2017 23:44

    Section One Result:-
    Cathedral 1.5 Milford 7.5.

    Section Two Result:-
    Resource 7 St Eunan's "B" 2.(Week 10 match played tonight 20th March)

  136. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)22 March, 2017 00:01

    Section Two result from Wk 7.
    Match played tonight
    St Eunan's "B" 8.5 Killea 0.5.

    Section One Result Wk 11.
    Manor 4 St Eunan's "A" 5.

  137. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)23 March, 2017 00:09

    Section One Results Wk 11:-
    Ballylennon 6 Donoughmore 3.
    Ramelton 7 St Johnston Pres 2.
    Masonic 3 St Johnston BC 6.
    St Johnston Pres 6.5 Cathedral 2.5.

  138. What does the table look like now.

  139. Fresh ones just up on website

  140. So st eunans b got away with it.
    There even swipe players from other teams now as well.
    There will be few people not happy with the players there getting.
    Donaghmore for one.
    Another two players switch over.

    1. well if players arnt happy where they are why stay?? dont know the situation but if people want to change their club is there any rules against it? plus its not as if this is the first time somebody changed club in the league so pretty sure there must be bitterness somewhere here.

    2. So how many top flight teams are they that havnt "swiped" players from another team just as a matter of interest?

  141. If a bowler is in a team bottom of second tier, they have the right to try to improve their game somewhere else.

  142. Remember folks, this is an amateur sport, there are no agents involved, its up to the individual as to where they want to play the game. Always remember tho, the prospective club can always say NO!

  143. St eunans a 6. Donaghmore 3

  144. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)28 March, 2017 23:22

    Section Two Result for Re-scheduled match from week 4 in 2nd half.
    Killea 7 Clonleing 2 (played 27th March)

    Section One Results Wk 12.
    Cathedral 7 Masonic 2.
    Manor 0 St Johnston Pres 9.
    St Johnston Bc 1.5 Ramelton 7.5.

  145. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)29 March, 2017 00:02

    Correction in Result which I posted. Its should now read .....
    St Johnston BC 2.5 Ramelton 6.5.

  146. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)29 March, 2017 17:03

    Final Match in Section Two played:-
    Ramelton Pres 7.5 Resource 1.5.

    Final Tables Look Like This:-
    Ramelton Pres 96.5 (Section Two League Winners)
    St Eunan's "B" 87 (Runner-Up)
    Carnone 80.5
    Resource 63
    Killea 55.5
    Newtown 44.5
    Milford Academy 40.5
    Clonleigh 36.5.

    Congratulations to Ramelton Pres on winning Section Two.

  147. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)30 March, 2017 00:02

    Section One Result:-
    Milford 2.5 Ballylennon 6.5

    Congratulations to Ballylennon once again on Winning Section One.

  148. Close for 2nd, connolly with last bowl

  149. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)04 April, 2017 10:52

    Semi-Final Result Jimmy Harte/Patton Cup:-
    Cathedral 61 St Eunan's "A" 37.
    Other Semi-Final Ballylennon Vs Ramelton listed for Wednesday 12th April.
    Final in Donoughmore Thursday 20th April.
    Knockout Cup Semi-Finals:-
    Cathedral Vs Milford listed for Monday 10th April.
    Ramelton Vs Ballylennon listed for Tuesday 11th April.
    Final in Carnone Tuesday 25th April.
    Shield Cup Semi-Finals:-
    St Eunan's "A" Vs St Eunan's "B" listed for Tuesday 11th April.
    Carnone Vs Clonleigh listed for Tuesday 11th April.
    Final in Cathedral Monday 24th April.
    Witherow Cup Final:-
    Ramelton Pres Vs Carnone in St Johnston Pres Hall Wednesday
    19th April.

    Good Luck to all Clubs in their respective matches.

  150. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)11 April, 2017 19:45

    Result from Semi-Final of Knockout Cup:
    Cathedral 57 Milford 46.

  151. The Rec Club Dupont Summer Fun Bowls
    Will commence on Wednesday 19th April 2017
    and continue each Wednesday evening from 7.00pm to app 11.30pm thru a Wednesday in August 2017, Charities this year as follow:
    Foyle Hospice, Donegal Hospice, Alzheimer’s
    Look forward to your support

  152. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)11 April, 2017 23:40

    Shield Cup Semi- Final Results:-
    St Eunan's "B" 53 St Eunan's "A" 42
    Carnone 56 Clonleigh 36

    DATE:- 24th April
    Both team bring something for Supper.

  153. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)11 April, 2017 23:45

    Knockout Cup Semi-Final Result:-
    Ramelton beaten by Ballylennon.

    Both team bring something for the Supper.

  154. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)13 April, 2017 12:20

    Semi-Final Result in Jimmy Harte/Patton Cup:-
    Ballylennon 53 Ramelton 31.

    Both teams bring something for the supper.

    Witherow Cup:-

    Both teams bring something for the supper.

  155. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)19 April, 2017 13:33

    Final League match result:-
    Donoughmore 3 St Johnston BC 6.

  156. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)21 April, 2017 12:01

    Jimmy Harte/Patton Cup Final Result:-
    Ballylennon 64 Cathedral 31.

    Congratulations Ballylennon.

  157. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)22 April, 2017 00:59

    Witherow Cup Final Result:-
    Ramelton Pres 46 Carnone 54

    Congratulations to Carnone.

  158. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)25 April, 2017 10:48

    Shield Cup Final Result:-
    St Eunan's "B" 49 Carnone 52.

    Congratulations to Carnone who have done the Double.

  159. Congratulations to carnone
    On winning the shield final.
    Hard luck st eunans b.......
    Great win carnone
    Youse beat top two teams in your division. Great achievement.

  160. Eamonn Doherty (PRO)26 April, 2017 10:56

    Knockout Cup Final Result:-
    Cathedral 39 Ballylennon 62

    Congratulations to Ballylennon on doing the Treble.

    Above is the Last result for the Season 2016/17. Congratulations to all the Winners of the League ie. Section One & Section Two & Cup Winners & Runners Up in Leagues & Cups. Commiserations to the losers. Thanks to all Team Captains for their prompt Texts with match Results.

  161. Ballylennon! SIMPLY THE BES!!!!

  162. Who won Inch Pairs?

  163. Would anyone like to give an opinion on annual bowls presentation dance? Is there any way it can be improved?

  164. Any dance pictures?

  165. Any new changes for next season after the AGM ?