30 August 2018


Qualifying; Monday, 10th to Thursday, 13th September
Final; Friday, Friday, 14th September
Entries to David Bonner  00353868604274
Ian Tinney   00353876290206


  1. Monday's Qualifiers
    Derek McClintock, St Johnston BC
    Norman Rutledge' Sixmilecross
    Lee Britton, Donemana
    Paul Doherty, Inch

  2. Qualifiers Tuesday:
    P.J Gallagher Burtonport B.C
    Nixon Alexander Ballylennon B.C
    Gerard Conroy Fintona Pearses B.C
    Owen Gallagher Gortahork B.C

  3. Qualifiers Wednesday:
    Jonathan Jacob Ramelton B.C
    Mervyn White Conwal B.C
    Keith Tinney St Johnston B.C
    Stephen Long St Ninians Convoy B.C

  4. Qualifiers Thursday:
    William Boggs Ardstraw B.C
    Mark Cairns Ballylennon B.C
    Robin Kennedy 1st Aghohill B.C
    Andrew Steele Greenbank B.C

    The finals tonight starts at 8p.m, all spectators welcome.We had 239 players over 4 nights. Thank you all for your great support. It should be a cracking finals night good luck to all the finalists.


  5. Norman Rutledge, Sixmilecross Pres, was in top form on Friday evening in the Lecture Hall and was a worthy winner of the Singles event. Runner-up was Owen Gallagher, Gortahork, and the semi-finalists were Mervyn White, Conwal, and Nixon Alexander, Ballylennon. Other competitors in the Finals were Derek McClintock, St Johnston BC, Lee Britton, Donemana Pres, Paul Doherty, Inch, PJ Gallagher, Burtonport, Gerard Conroy, Fintona Pearses, Jonathan Jacob, Ramelton, Keith Tinney, St Johnston BC, Stephen Long, St Ninians, Convoy, William Boggs, Ardstraw, Mark Cairns, Ballylennon, Robin Kennedy, 1st Ahoghill and Andrew Steele, Greenbank.